In 1921, William Henry Hardy, better known as Henry Hardy, started W. Henry Hardy Company on the principles of honesty, hard work, and dedication to customers and employees.  Henry Hardy’s personal beliefs carried over to the success of W. Henry Hardy Company.  The office operated out of a small white building on Westover Drive. It has been documented that the first fuel oil deliveries to customers were in five gallon pails. The first truck that delivered fuel oil was a chain driven Mack.  Mr. Hardy also ran a small service station beside the office.  In 1970, the office was expanded to accommodate needed storage that was previously offsite.  

Henry Hardy hired his nephew, William O. “Bill” Hardy, to join the family business in 1962.  Bill and his family left a corporate job with Texaco in Pennsylvania to be back where most of their extended family lived.  That same year, W. Henry Hardy Company, became W. Henry Hardy, Inc.  Henry Hardy lived a fulfilled Christian life devoted to his wife, extended family, and beyond, displaying the utmost generosity to many of the lives he touched.  After Henry’s passing in 1976, Bill Hardy ran the business and later purchased it, continuing the principles it was built on.  In 1982, William O. “Billy” Hardy, Jr., joined the family legacy, and in 2011, William O. “Will” Hardy, III, came on board.  To have four generations be involved in a family owned business is a legacy in itself. 

In 1994, W. Henry Hardy, Inc. became involved with the propane gas business.  Bill Hardy continued to run the family business, striving to excel with the basic principles it was founded on.  In 1997, Hardy Petroleum became a division of W. Henry Hardy, Inc. Bill Hardy was known by many to be a man of opportunity when it came to the family business as well as other activities he was involved with. Until his passing in 2013, he lived a life loyal to God, his family, his church, his business, and many other people he met.  Billy Hardy became the owner and currently runs the family business along with his son, Will, as well as the devoted 15 employees that make it a success.  In the past, there have been retired employees who gave between 44 to 54 years of service to this family business.  That says a lot about the Hardy tradition and the devotion the employees have.