Cutover Queen

Cutover Queen - Green Slate over Glass Sound Board
Price: $80.00
Product Specs
Calling Surface Green Slate
Sound Board Glass
Pot Anodized 6061 Aluminum CNC Machined from Solid Billet
Striker Matched Dymondwood Two-Piece (This is subject to change at the call makers discretion as each call is different. It cannot be predicted as to which striker will sound the best. Our goal is to give you the best turkey call you can buy, and we need options when matching calls to strikers. You will receive one of the following matched with your call: Dymondwood, Purple Heart, Hickory with Dymondwood being the most common)
Conditioning Materials Included Scotchbrite for Striker and Calling Surface

The Cutover Queen is best described as a hybrid between a glass call and a slate call. The green slate is coupled with a glass sound board to create an extremely versatile call.  Green slate has the quick responsiveness of glass due to the increased hardness but it still retains the tried and true attributes of normal slate. The Cutover Queen is sure to be a welcome addition to any turkey hunter’s vest. This call is typically matched with a two-piece Dymondwood striker which is included with each call, along with all conditioning materials to keep your call running great.

As with every pot call and striker we sell, this call is covered by our lifetime warranty which is very simple to understand. If you ever find yourself dissatisfied with a striker or call, let us know and we will make it right. We will not bog you down with the need for receipts or anything like that. If it has our logo, it is covered.

We have a form on the warranty section of this website which needs to be filled out for warranty replacement or repair. There is no need to register the call or striker upon purchase.  Just let us know if it isn’t working out and we will make it right by either refund or replacement.

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