Smoke Signal

Smoke Signal: - Ceramic over Aluminum Sound Board
Price: $80.00
Product Specs
Calling Surface Ceramic
Sound Board Aluminum
Pot Anodized 6061 Aluminum CNC Machined from Solid Billet
Striker Matched Dymondwood Two-Piece (This is subject to change at the call makers discretion as each call is different.  It cannot be predicted as to which striker will sound the best.  Our goal is to give you the best turkey call you can buy, and we need options when matching calls to strikers.  You will receive one of the following matched with your call: Dymondwood, Purple Heart, Hickory with Dymondwood being the most common)
Conditioning Materials Included Scotchbrite for Striker and Calling Surface

The Smoke Signal is sure to be the last thing a lot of gobblers will hear.  The ceramic surface creates a super clear note at the beginning of the yelp, and that transitions effortlessly into pure rasp at the end.  The ceramic is a very low maintenance calling surface that does very well in wet conditions.  You will be able to create every calling situation imaginable very easily with this call.  You will be transitioning from soft subtle purrs to aggressive cackling with ease on this ceramic surface. 

This call is typically matched with a two-piece Dymondwood striker which is included with each call, along with all conditioning materials to keep your call running great.

Sound File 1

Sound File 2


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